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Sichuan Taiwan to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of precision machinery manufacturing


The newspaper news (reporter Fu Zhenqing) the afternoon of September 13th, "Sichuan - Taiwan precision machinery manufacturing two-way docking will be held in Chengdu, will be held for the first time this is specifically for Taiwan Haike precision machinery manufacturing cooperation fair.
Docking will enhance the exchange and cooperation between Sichuan and Taiwan in the field of precision machinery manufacturing, enhance mutual understanding between the two sides to promote cooperation in the project. Taiwan precision machinery manufacturing enterprises and the important science and Technology Park and industry experts on behalf of 50 people, the province machinery manufacturing enterprises on behalf of the relevant provincial departments, 50 people and city people in charge of a total of more than 150 people attended the meeting.
Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of the Provincial Federation of state, Taiwan Science Park Association director Guo Chunhui speech at the meeting.

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