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DMG precision machinery to close the Shanghai plant


Port: the current economy, mainly rely on real. The current index, mainly by bank. Macroeconomic analysis of all know, precision machining is the best indicator of the economy. DMG Shanghai is a bird cage for birds news told us that the economic situation is good, not small. When the real estate bubble continues to carrying all rolling forward, many people still do industrial and manufacturing have their qiantouming, to join the tide of real estate speculation. What precision CNC machine tool manufacturing, the manufacturing industry in the real estate before all is low, get out of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta all super city circle are sooner or later. So the economy, called NewNormal! Stay in the kitchen to do the cake is a fool, rushed to the living room to grab the cake is smart people, while eating cake to eat one side near the door also pass out of the cake that called vision! Is to set a small goal, to earn his one hundred million of the kind of vision!

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