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Axis research technology to be 900 million yuan acquisition


Axis Institute of Technology (12.28,0.000,0.00%) August 19th evening announcement, the company intends to 8.97 yuan / share to the controlling shareholder of the national machine group issued 100 million shares, the purchase price of 898 million yuan it holds 100% stake in precision machine. The company's shares will be August 22nd opening date for the resumption of trading.
At the same time, the company intends to not less than 9.65 yuan / share to include the State Machine Group subsidiary of the country, including the capital, not more than 10 specific investors to issue shares to raise funds not more than 629 million yuan.
Before the transaction, the listed companies are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of bearing and electric main shaft, as well as the technical development business entrusted by the state, local governments and other enterprises at all levels.
High in grinding technology and super hard materials in the field of technical level of the subject of the transaction, the main subsidiary of three mill since 1999 has been committed to the transformation of superhard material products and industry special production and testing equipment R & D, production and sales.
The listed company and the China machine products are Seiko precision machinery parts, the main customers for high-end equipment (9138, -32.950, -0.36%) of manufacturing enterprises, and the listed company and the state machine in the customer Seiko have high visibility and reputation. After the completion of this transaction, the company will be listed on the level of the formation of a common sales platform to achieve the two sides share the common development of customers in aerospace, ocean transportation, oil drilling, precision instrument manufacturing customers.
At the same time, the state machine precision 2015, 2016 1-6 month net profit attributable to the parent company were 20 million 134 thousand and 600 yuan, 4 million 660 thousand and 200 yuan. Underlying assets into the listed company, the company will improve the financial position of listed companies to enhance the profitability of listed companies.

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