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DMC-5S series of high-speed five axis machining center machine in Longmen

Mechanical properties: Integral beam and column, which can effectively improve the milling ability of the structure rigidity. Mechanical main castings, through the aging vibration monitoring, effective elimination of structural stress, enhance the stability and positioning accuracy of the machine tool. All original parts are imported from Taiwan. Application of the industry: mold processing, auto parts, aerospace engineering parts, mechanical components, processing, inspection and processing, large-scale template and other heavy processing industry, etc..
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Structural design of machining center of DMC-2513-5S in Longmen:
Six parts of the casting:
First, the base design (exclusive design)
1 series of casting using the international standard meter Hanna casting material strictly to FC-30 standard, supporting the large famous Taiwan casting factory, reliable never cut corners, all castings after tempering, vibration aging treatment, natural aging treatment, eliminate the internal stress, in order to ensure the casting never deformation, precision and rigid requirements to meet customer.
The 2 base design of Shuangshan type structure, more rigid structure, eliminating vibration generated, providing strong structural rigidity, one-piece design special closed box stability, is the preferred high-end machine processing, mold industry.
Two, beam design (exclusive design)
Large span beam design 1, anti L type structure, superior to other manufacturers to increase 25%, combination of strength and beauty, the weight can reach 5um in suspension force.
Three, column design (exclusive design)
1 columns and the base with large contact area design, solid rock, rigid, rigid, and the joint use of Taiwan exquisite shovel flower technology, accuracy comparable to Europe and Japan, long-term processing accuracy stability.
Four, work station design (exclusive design)
Table 1 ultra thick design, can carry heavy workpiece, worktable and roller sliders for the whole solid contact surface, and the joints by Taiwan fine scraping process, ensure high precision plane.
2 with high-tech high-quality processing enterprises in Taiwan, the plane through the precision grinding process, long-term to maintain the working table plane accuracy, and the appearance of the smooth and shiny, long-term to maintain the overall accuracy of the whole.
Five, sliding block design (exclusive design)
1 the entire block uses a large number of densely distributed slider, the coverage rate of more than 50%, there are rigid rail rigid, and the track of the sliding, the best balance of the core configuration.
Six, the main shaft box and gear box design (patent design)
The 1 China patent design of spindle box, ram for large area rectangular track, the design of the eight sliding contact surface, resistant to heavy cutting, processing efficiency is high, and a variety of collocation manual and semi-automatic, fully automatic side milling machine, five axis five face milling head surface machining center has become the five most economical and practical the,
Especially suitable for processing large automotive mold, precision mold processing.
2 strong mechanical rigidity, at the same time can be used with all kinds of high-speed spindle, the maximum speed of BT50# can reach 10000 rpm for precision die 3D surface processing die surface smooth and delicate, to achieve high precision requirements.
3 imported gear modular gearbox design, ensure strong cutting, bevel cutting design intensity greater than the general use of Germany ZF gearbox, and maintain a constant temperature, excluding ZF gear box used for a period of time will appear abnormally high temperature thermal elongation error, leading to gear damage, and replace the old. Gear box maintenance problems.
Seven, track design: rail and screw
The 1 part: the whole line rail adopts Germany / Taiwan original P heavy-duty precision roller guide, a dense uniform slider design collocation, provide superior processing rigidity for the machine, stability
2 standard Z exclusive use of the four axis heavy load roller guide design, design of high speed and high precision four rail line, to overcome the special requirements of high precision machining products.
The 3 part: the whole machine screw by screw C-3 precision double nut multi roll bead screw specifications, collocation of imported Japanese NSK screw special bearings, with one axial feed arrangement to provide maximum rigidity, high precision and stability
Eight, system, electric control box design
1 electric control box using the beam back hanging design, saving machine space, clean and tidy, and the use of high-grade electric control box thermostat, to ensure that the temperature is constant, not due to high temperature lead to failure of electrical equipment.
2 operation box with a wide range of cantilever crane design, convenient operation box machine to use personnel will be pulled to the workpiece by complete tool movements, especially suitable for large-scale automobile die manufacture industry.
Perfect the special structural design of exclusive business, with more than 20 years of experience in professional production technology, to create first-class processing performance!

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